1802 Braeburn Drive
Salem, VA 24153
Phone: (540) 444-WELL (9355)
Toll-free: 1-866-244-9355

LewisGale Physicians – Salem Campus East

1802 Braeburn Drive
Salem, VA 24153

Main Phone #: 540-772-3400
Toll Free: 800-422-4286
Patient Accounts: 540-772-3690

Hours: Varies by specialty


Cardiac Electrophysiology

Stephan J. Vivian, MD, Cardiac Electrophysiology, 540-772-3815


Andrew Maiolo, MD, Cardiology, 540-772-3430

Steven H. Goldstein, DO, Cardiology, 540-772-3430

Matt Bowles, PA-C, Cardiology, 540-772-3430

Cardiovascular & Thoracic Services

Joseph Artusio, PA-C, Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, 540-776-2020

Bryan E. McDonnell, MD, Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, 540-776-2020

Charles "Chuck" Gery, PA-C, Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, 540-776-2020

Louis "Paul" Gualdoni, PA-C, Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, 540-776-2020


Gary P. Gross, MD, Dermatology, 540-772-3421

Steven R. Evans, PA-C, Dermatology, 540-772-3421


Kamran Rasul, MD, Endocrinology, 540-772-3490

ENT (Otolaryngology)

Mark Hanabury, MD, Otolaryngology, 540-772-3433

Tu A. Tran, MD, Otolaryngology, 540-772-3433


Joseph L. Nelson III, MD, Gastroenterology, 540-772-5970

Marie Sharkey, MD, Gastroenterology, 540-772-5970

Douglas W. Kirtley, MD, Gastroenterology, 540-772-5970

Brian J. van der Linden, MD, Gastroenterology, 540-772-5970

General Surgery

Sanjoy Saha, MD, General Surgery, Surgical Oncology, 540-772-3620

David Violette, MD, General Surgery, 540-772-3620


Mark W. Gustafson, MD, Gynecology, 540-772-3520

George W. Maxymiv, MD, FACOG, Gynecology, 540-772-3520

Barbara C. Hurst, OGNP, Gynecology, 540-772-3520


Mark S. Currie, MD, Hematology/Oncology, 540-772-3411

Vandana Karri, MD, Hematology/Oncology, 540-772-3411

Joanna Kolodney, MD, Oncology,540-772-3411

Infectious Disease

Muddasar N. Chaudry, MD, Infectious Disease, 540-772-3407

Internal Medicine

Gary E. Glontz, MD, Internal Medicine, 540 772-3490

Chetna Jha, MD, Internal Medicine, 540-772-3490

Mary-Ellen Mick, DO, Internal Medicine, 540-772-3490

Son H. Nguyen, MD, Internal Medicine, 540-772-3490

Vashist V. Nobbee, MD, Internal Medicine, FACP, FABHP, 540-772-3490

Garth A. Mills, PA-C, Internal Medicine, 540-772-3490


Clement A. Elechi, MD, Neurology, 540-772-3450

Ivaylo B. Staykov, MD, Neurology, 540-772-3450


Elizabeth C. Barwick, DO, 540-772-5900

Abby Smith, MD , 540-772-5900


Richard R. Johnson, MD, Ophthalmology, 540-772-3480

Orthopedics & Spine

Alfred A. Durham, MD, Orthopedic & Spine Services, 540-772-3530

James Farmer, MD, Orthopedic & Spine Services, 540-772-3530

Brian Torre, MD, Orthpaedic & Spine Services, 540-772-3530

Laurie E. Moyer, PA-C, Orthopedics, 540-772-3530

Mark Rowley, MD, Orthopedics, 540-772-3530

Christopher L. Guth, PA-C, Orthopedics, 540-772-3530

Mackenzie E. Prandi, PA-C, Orthopedics, 540-772-3530

Steven Shane Williams, PA-C, Orthopedics, 540-772-3530


Luther A. Beazley III, MD. Pediatrics, 540-772-3580

John W. Bouldin, MD, Pediatrics, 540-772-3580

Joyce Cummings, MD, Pediatrics, 540-772-3580

Russell E. Delaney, MD, Pediatrics, 540-772-3580

Moriah Krason MD. Pediatrics, 540-772-3580

Kenneth R. Payne, MD, Pediatrics, 540-772-3580

Lee Ann Steffe, MD, Pediatrics, 540-772-3580

Linda C. Handy, PNP, Pediatrics, 540-772-3580


Sarah Rodes, PA-C, Psychiatry, 540-772-3485

Emmylou K. McDaniel, Psychiatry, 540-772-3485

Elizabeth Hutchens, PA-C, Psychiatry, 540-772-3485

Paul Yeaman, PA-C, Psychiatry, 540-772-3485

Pulmonary Disease

Douglas R. Dorsey, MD, Pulmonary Disease, 540-772-3540

Nelson B. Greene, MD, Pulmonary Disease, 540-772-3540

David Killeen, DO, Pulmonary Disease, 540-772-3540

Jeffrey Werchowski, MD, Pulmonary Disease, 540-772-3540

James A. Witten, Jr., MD, Pulmonary Disease, 540-772-3540

Sleep Medicine

Bruce N. Stewart, MD, Sleep Medicine, 540-772-5951

Jeffrey Werchowski, MD, Sleep Medicine, 540-772-3540

Clement Elechi, MD, Sleep Medicine, 540-772-3450

Surgical Oncology

Sanjoy Saha, MD, General Surgery, Surgical Oncology, 772-3620

Vascular Surgery

Hans Brings, MD, Vascular Surgery, 540-776-2010

William Tung, MD, Vascular Surgery, 540-776-2010


  1. LewisGale Physicians – Salem Campus East
    1802 Braeburn Drive, Salem, VA 24153
    (540) 444-9355


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