Certified Nurse-Midwives in Southwest Virginia

“I wanted to have a natural birth and I developed such a reassuring bond with my certified nurse-midwife. She definitely removed any fears that I had throughout my pregnancy. I was so impressed with the amount of helpfulness and caring that I received during my labor and even after my delivery.” - Samantha

Midwifery at LewisGale Physicians is a practice reflecting a trend in maternity care nationwide, with a growing demand for nurse-midwifery care not only during pregnancy and birth but also for women’s healthcare from adolescence through menopause. Women who desire less medical intervention during a low-risk pregnancy, labor and birth often choose a Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) for their care. Our CNMs attend births at LewisGale Medical Center in a safe, high-quality hospital setting. Experienced in collaborative care models, our CNMs partner with the LewisGale OB/GYN physicians when necessary to deliver safe, customized care to meet each person’s individual needs.

If you are looking for a choice in women’s healthcare and pregnancy. We are here for you.

Our Services

Prenatal care

To keep you and your baby healthy, we provide frequent checkups throughout your pregnancy.

Customized labor and delivery support

Our certified nurse-midwives offer customized prenatal, labor and delivery, newborn and ongoing postpartum care.

Low-risk pregnancy care

With 92 to 94 percent of pregnancies considered low-risk, mom and baby are deemed healthy and medical intervention is usually not necessary.

Gynecologic exams

During a Well-woman visit, we perform a physical exam in addition to discussing any health concerns or questions which may include contraception, menopause symptoms, pre-pregnancy issues, and more.