Women's health specialists clinics

Choosing a provider who specializes in women’s health is an opportunity to gain a long-term healthcare partner. They can assist with annual well-woman exams, breast care, and a variety of women’s health conditions. Our dedicated women’s health specialists are committed to providing high-quality services and treatments in a patient-centered environment and ensuring you are comfortable with your care and treatment plan.

Whether you are an adolescent, in your childbearing years, or menopause, your individual healthcare needs come first, and our commitment is to support you through every stage of life. When you choose one of our women’s health specialists, you’ll gain all this and access to dozens of other healthcare specialists in our LewisGale Physicians network.

To schedule an appointment, call one of our conveniently located clinics or click on the location to schedule an appointment online.

When should you start breast cancer screenings?

The answer may vary. Use our online assessment to gain insight and determine breast cancer health risk factors.

Our services

As your long-term healthcare provider, we offer a comprehensive range of gynecology, urogynecology, obstetrics, and other women’s health services to help you maintain your wellness at every age.


Our gynecology program focuses on the prevention, detection, and treatment of gynecologic diseases and disorders. From well-woman exams and menstruation care to menopause management and gynecologic cancer, we offer care for all types of gynecologic and uro-gynecologic conditions.

Maternity care

Our obstetrics care focuses on every stage of your pregnancy including prenatal care, normal and high-risk pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum care.

Midwifery services

In addition to our OB/GYNs, we have a team of certified nurse midwives (CNMs) who provide a comprehensive range of midwifery services including gynecology and maternity care.

Breast health

Whether it's time for your annual mammogram or you need a diagnostic exam for a breast lump, we can help. We are connected to breast centers that offer compassionate staff and comprehensive breast health services.

Infertility treatment

If you're trying to conceive but having trouble getting pregnant, our specialists can help. They understand there are many factors that contribute to conception, and they can help determine if infertility may be one of them.

Our women's health specialists offer evaluation, counsel and testing for fertility concerns. If infertility is the reason you're unable to get pregnant, we provide a range of options to help improve the likelihood of conception.

Our women's health specialists’ team

LewisGale Physicians is pleased to bring a variety of experienced clinicians to our women's health specialists program. Our dedicated team includes board certified:

  • Obstetricians and gynecologists (OB/GYNs)
  • Uro-gynecologists
  • Nurse midwives
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Ultrasound technicians

Our network’s collaborative approach to healthcare ensures you have access to comprehensive care and support, regardless of your needs. As such, your women's health provider may partner with other specialists in our network for your care, including:

  • Breast surgeons
  • Gynecologic oncologists
  • Infertility specialists
  • Lactation specialists
  • Maternal-fetal medicine doctors (high-risk OB/GYNs)
  • Physical therapists
  • Primary care providers
  • Radiation and medical oncologists

When hospital-based services are necessary for gynecological procedures, we partner with LewisGale Hospital Alleghany in Low Moor, LewisGale Hospital Montgomery in Blacksburg, and LewisGale Medical Center in Salem.

When it’s time to give birth the maternity care centers at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery and LewisGale Medical Center are focused on giving you the childbirth experience you want with safe outcomes for both mom and baby.