At LewisGale Physicians Salem Neurosurgery, our neurosurgeon, Dr. Claudia Martin, provides surgical and radiosurgical treatment for conditions affecting the nervous system.

Dr. Martin's goals for each patient

“My primary goal when treating neurosurgical patients is give them the optimal treatment for their condition so that they can continue normally with their lives. This entails making the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan, performing careful and accurate surgery and instituting all follow up needs. If non-surgical therapies are indicated, these will be ordered first before a decision for surgery is made.”

Dr. Martin is dedicated to improving her patients' lives

“Among the most important things that my patients need to know about the services I provide is that they will receive my full attention, time and compassion. I will be with them through the entire process of treatment and long afterwards. I understand that when a patient has a disorder of the nervous system it can be frightening and overwhelming, possibly also painful. I make sure that my patients understand what is going on in terms of their medical status and why I propose a given treatment plan. I encourage questions and consider my patients to be in partnership with me during treatment. I am very devoted to my patients and think of them as part of my extended family”.

Neurosurgical conditions we treat

We treat disorders of the brain including the pituitary, skull and scalp, spine and spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Some of these can arise during the aging process such as degenerative disc disease or stenosis of the spine and adult hydrocephalus. Others, such as brain and spine tumors or intracranial hemorrhages can affect all ages and have various causes.

Neurosurgical procedures we perform

Cranial procedures

The most common cranial procedures Dr. Martin performs include removal of brain, skull and pituitary tumors, both benign and malignant, placement of shunts for adult hydrocephalus, and evacuation of intracranial hemorrhages.

Spine procedures

The most common spine procedures include microdiscectomies and decompressions for central and foraminal stenosis in the cervical and lumbar spine, but removal of spinal tumors and cysts are also treated fairly often.

Peripheral nerve procedures

Peripheral nerve procedures include ulnar nerve transpositions and treatment for carpal tunnel.


“Radiosurgery is another treatment area, usually for tumors, in which I work with the oncologists and radiation oncologists in the care of tumors that require specifically targeted radiation to the nervous syste”m.